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Tips To Consider When Choosing A Lawyer In Thailand

How to be a Lawyer in Thailand?

In order to be qualified to give business legal services in Thailand, such individuals must possess a license to practice law issued by the Lawyers Council of Thailand in order to be deemed qualified to practice law in Thailand. The journey can be separated into two routes after receiving a license to practice law: enrolling for legal training courses and applying for a one-year internship at a law firm. However, these two avenues meet at the finish line, leading to getting a law license.

According to the Lawyers Act, B.E., candidates for a license to practice law and provide business legal services in Thailand must meet certain requirements. 2528, Section 35:

  1. Possess Thai citizenship.
  2. At the time of submitting an application for registration and receiving a license, be at least twenty years old.
  3. Possess a bachelor's degree, a diploma in law, or a certificate in law from an institution of higher learning recognized by the Lawyers Council, or something equivalent. Additionally, the candidate seeking a law license must be a qualified member of the Thai Bar Association.
  4. Not a person who exhibits poor morals or conduct, and not a person who has engaged in any action that undermines honesty.
  5. Without having a conviction results in a jail sentence.
  6. Has never received a prison sentence as part of a final decision in a case that the Committee believes brings dishonor to one's professional standing.
  7. Not a person who has been given a sentence of bankruptcy.
  8. Have no communicable illness that would be offensive to society.
  9. Lack of a physical or mental disability results in ineptitude in a lawyer's career.
  10. Being a political official but not a government or local official with a defined income and position.
  11. Shall not be a person who is barred from filing registration and licensing applications under section 71 of the Lawyers Act B.E. 2528.

5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Lawyer In Thailand

It's crucial to choose the right attorney to represent you and provide the utmost legal services in Thailand. This choice might mean the difference between a person remaining free or going to jail. Although not every Thailand legal matter has such severe repercussions, in general, you will end up spending lots of time and energy on the procedure. Therefore, it makes sense to engage the best Thai legal team you can afford and can address your utmost need for business legal services in Bangkok or business legal services in Thailand, in general.

1. Verify their level of expertise.

Your first consideration should be the lawyer's level of experience. A lawyer from Thailand Lawyers who lack experience in the field of law that your legal problem relates to is never a good decision. Keep in mind that picking a Thai attorney to resolve legal issues is never a wise idea, not even if they are the second best.

2. Look at their Success Rate.

Analyzing the success rate of the Thai lawyers you have selected is a key component of conducting thorough research into their reputation. Being engaged in a certain practice area is undoubtedly insufficient if the attorney's success rate isn't enough to brag about. Unfortunately, if the professional has a track record of consistently failing in cases that fall under his purview of "Expertise," he won't be of any assistance to you.

3. Find out about their reputation.

It is vital to keep in mind that hiring a Thai law firm or individual Thai lawyers without first conducting a thorough investigation into their general reputation will almost surely come back to haunt you. Before you decide to pay them for the service, make sure you are doing your homework before you decide. Ask about and acquire recommendations from their prior clients in addition to performing your research online.

4. Consider their available resources.

Depending on the nature and difficulties of your specific case, this might not be a top priority for you. However, it is advised to select Thai attorneys who are affiliated with a renowned law company. By doing this, you may make sure they have all they need to produce a favorable outcome for you.

5. Check their experience in business legal services in Thailand.

You don't have enough time to try out a new person and see if he meets your expectations. Always choose one of the top Thailand lawyers if the issue at hand is important to you and you want to handle it effectively. In the mentioned practice areas, we have years of experience. You will be able to rest assured knowing that your case is in capable hands because your attorney is knowledgeable about all the nuances and legalese.

Why Does a Company Need a Legal Department in Thailand?

The legal department provides business legal services in Thailand and is in charge of all external legal matters, including litigation, investigations, compliance, mergers, and acquisitions. This is a portfolio of difficulties that is varied, intricate, and frequently unpredictable.

More so, a company's legal department is in charge of making sure all of its operations are legitimate and within the law. However, opinions diverge more when it comes to evaluating their impact on a company's performance. Lawyers are still perceived as finicky individuals who might hinder the business. Multiple elements contribute to this subjective and caricatured picture, and perceptions can change by altering these factors.

5 Circumstances in Which Legal Services May Be Beneficial

If you aim for your business to succeed in Thailand or elsewhere, you need legal services. Working with a legal professional can increase your confidence and give you peace of mind that you are doing the right thing.

Knowing you have the right guidance when things go wrong can be relaxing. Having an attorney by your side can also discourage you from taking actions that are illegal and potentially damaging to your business.

Here are 5 circumstances in which having business legal services in Thailand becomes an advantage to you:

1. Manage Legal Issues

If you are sued for negligence or otherwise, you may need legal assistance and professional advice. The law is pretty delicate, so don't take it lightly. Negligence demonstrated during court hearings can have serious financial consequences. Therefore, if you have any legal issues, we recommend that you consult an attorney.

2. Handle Legal Documents

If you close your business or change your current policies, be sure to record the changes in your legal records. You will also be required to submit notices to the government in a specific format. In addition, legal assistance may be required in drafting special contracts and documents that must comply with regulations and requirements set by governments. These official documents are very important and require a solid understanding of law and order before submission.

Moreover, with the help of legal services, your legal documents will be accurately completed and managed. Keeping your legal affairs in the hands of professionals keeps you calm, safe, and out of harm's way. You can easily turn to legal experts for the drafting of legal documents.

3. Keep Your Intellectual Property Safe

A company's brand and logo represent its brand identity. Therefore, it is best to be very careful when choosing a brand or logo for your business, as copyright infringement can lead to costly lawsuits. Safely customize your business while being protected from compromise.

4. Register your Business

When starting a new business, it must be registered with the local government. Before submitting an application for company registration, it is necessary to obtain approval from many city halls and administrative agencies. Obtaining business approvals from multiple government agencies can be a daunting task if you don't understand how local departments and governments work. More precisely, Legal Support World, with the assistance of a team of excellent and qualified professionals, seeks to provide the services most needed by businesses, especially during the registration process.

5. Handle Problems with Before, Current, or Future Employees

For a company to operate effectively, it needs employees. Labor is the most important capital for a company. Your profitability, future, and many other factors all depend on each individual's performance. It is preferable to resolve the issue as soon as possible to avoid escalating the issue to past, current, or potential employees of the organization. Even unresolved employee disputes can quickly lead to litigation. Therefore, it is recommended that you seek the help of a lawyer to resolve such issues before they affect your business operations.

Final Thoughts!

As you run your business, you may come across a situation where you feel the need to consult an attorney. In these situations, we recommend that you consult an attorney so that they can provide you with the legal assistance you need and protect you from potential lawsuits.

However, with time and experience, you will find solutions to most problems. However, it does not answer all questions. Some need professional help.

In relation, if you are in need of business legal services in Bangkok or business legal services in Thailand, you may immediately visit Through its specialist businesses and areas of business, The Sanet Group offers western businesses knowledgeable and reliable assistance for all types of commercial issues in Southeast Asia.

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