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Sexual Harassment Attorney in Los Angeles: Advice on a Hostile Work Environment

How to Handle a Hostile Work Environment Due to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment can affect employees in all work environments throughout Los Angeles. It can create a hostile work environment that makes it impossible for employees to continue to function in the workplace. A sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles can help victims fight back against a hostile work environment to get the justice they deserve.

Before you begin your fight against a hostile work environment, you should consult a qualified sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles to ensure you do not go into the fight blindly. A sexual harassment lawyer can help you gather the evidence you need to win your battle and restore your rights in the workplace and beyond.

Read on to learn valuable advice regarding fighting against a hostile work environment in Los Angeles.

  1. Know Your Rights and Set Your Boundaries

The best way to fight back against a hostile work environment is to know your rights and set boundaries within your Los Angeles workplace. A sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles will advise you that you do not need to accept any form of sexual comments, physical contact, or sexual advances in the workplace. Your rights to a sexual harassment-free workplace apply whether you are dealing with your coworker, boss, CEO, customers, or vendors.

It is your job, however, to object to these advances. If you do not let your harasser know that you are uncomfortable with their actions or comments, you may not have a solid claim against them when fighting sexual harassment at work. Therefore, you must stand up for yourself and ask your harasser to stop their actions. You should also report their actions to a supervisor or HR to ensure you document your objections.

  1. Document Everything You Can Regarding Workplace Sexual Harassment in Los Angeles

Filing the written complaint with your supervisor, HR, or even your union representative is only one piece of the documentation process. When fighting against a hostile work environment in the Los Angeles workplace, you need to document everything. In other words, document the following information:

  1. Each instance of sexual harassment
  2. Who was involved
  3. When and where the sexual harassment occurred
  4. How the sexual harassment occurred
  5. How these actions affect your ability to work
  6. Any retaliation you faced as ar result of denying sexual advances or reporting the advances to the proper parties.
  1. Do Not Quit Your Job Until Consulting with a Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Los Angeles

Dealing with a hostile work environment is virtually impossible. It can cause trauma, depression, anxiety, and other issues. However, if you plan to file suit against your employer, you must consult a sexual harassment lawyer before quitting your job.

If you were working in New York, you would want to consult a sexual harassment attorney in NYC. However, since you are working in Los Angeles, you need to contact a sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles.

Your attorney will advise you of the best way to handle your lawsuit. They will let you know if you have enough evidence to quit your job and still succeed in a lawsuit or if you need to wait it out. Their advice will ensure you get the most out of your sexual harassment claim against your employer.

  1. Trust in the Sexual Harassment Litigation Process

Your sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles should not steer you the wrong way. A qualified sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles will ensure you tell your story in a manner that will resonate with a judge and jury.

However, they will also work with you to attempt to settle your claim early, so you do not need to relive the harassment you endured. Trust in the legal process and listen to the advice your sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles provides. They have successfully navigated this process many times. Their skills and experience are an asset in your claim, allowing you the ability to successfully navigate the process.

  1. Do Not Settle for Less Than Your Sexual Harassment Claim is Worth

You have every right to settle your sexual harassment claim as early as you would like. However, listen to the advice of your sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles before accepting any settlement offer. Do not let your employer intimidate you into settling for less than your sexual harassment claim is worth.

Your sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles will guide you throughout the entire process. They can provide advice regarding the offered settlement to let you know if your case is worth more than being offered or if the offer is worth it. Listen to their advice, and do not undersell yourself or your sexual harassment claim.

Contact the Derek Smith Law Group to Fight Sexual Harassment in Your Los Angeles Workplace.

You deserve the advice and advocacy of experienced and compassionate sexual harassment attorneys in Los Angeles to help you fight against your hostile work environment. The experienced LA sexual harassment lawyers at the Derek Smith Law Group can help you fight for your rights and get the justice you deserve. Contact us at (310) 602-6050 for your free consultation.

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