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What are the Major Causes of Wrist Fractures?

A wrist fracture is an injury where a bone has been broken or crushed. Signs of broken bones include tenderness, numbness, stiffness, swelling, and bruising. If a bone has been dislocated, the hand can look as if it is deformed. Some hand injuries are very severe and can worsen if not attended to by a doctor as soon as possible. If you have a broken hand bone, you should get treatment from a hospital immediately. You should avoid treating any broken bones at home because it could worsen the situation, leading to infections, deformity, or even complete loss of movement. Broken bone injuries can be treated using surgery, physical therapy, a splint, and other non-surgical treatment options as well.

If you have broken a bone due to accidents that were caused by someone else’s negligence, you could get compensation for the damages incurred as provided by the experienced injury lawyer at Salamati Law. The value of the settlement will largely depend on the severity of the injury, the treatment needed for a full recovery, and the length of recovery. Other things that will be factored in include the current and future medical bills, the lost income, pain and suffering, and the reduced quality of life. Common causes of wrist fracturs include:

People can break their hands and wrist by falling on extended arms. Slips and falls mostly occur in public spaces such as schools, restaurants, airports, swimming pools, and offices. People can fall because of slippery floors, poor lighting, clutter blocking walkways, and improperly placed carpets among others.

Athletic injuries
Athletes are susceptible to injuries such as broken bones because of the nature of their careers. Some athletes have gotten severe injuries from wrong maneuvers, hard falls, and overusing the hands and wrists, especially while doing repetitive motions. Repeated motions end up tiring the muscles and straining the bones.

Car accidents
Wrist injuries can be sustained from car accidents.

Cycling and pedestrian collisions
If a pedestrian has been involved in a collision or crash, they may try to catch themselves using outstretched hands and land roughly. This may result in broken bones.

Workplace accidents
Some workplace areas that can contribute to falling accidents include unmaintained elevators, damaged stairways, worn floors and hallways, damaged handrails, cracked floors, and wet or slippery corridors.

Defective and faulty products
There are many defective and unsafe products that are being sold on the market. Some products do not have sufficient warning notices and others have been created using substandard raw materials, making them unsafe for use.

If you or someone you know sustained hand and wrist injuries in an accident caused by another person’s negligence, you should seek compensation from the liable parties. A lawyer can help you file the claim, gather evidence, prove the damages are related to the accident and assist you in receiving reimbursement to cater for the damages. Hand injuries can be caused by many things such as defective products, car accidents, falls, athletics, and workplaces. In all these places, there is usually a negligent party that is liable for the accidents and you can get justice for negligence from private and public property owners and business premises.

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